An introduction to honda cars

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An introduction to honda cars

Crab steering[ edit ] Crab steering is a special type of active four-wheel steering. It operates by steering all wheels in the same direction and at the same angle. Crab steering is used when the vehicle needs to proceed in a straight line but under an angle i. Passive rear wheel steering[ edit ] Many modern vehicles have passive rear steering.

On many vehicles, when cornering, the rear wheels tend to steer slightly to the outside of a turn, which can reduce stability. The passive steering system uses the lateral forces generated in a turn through suspension geometry and the bushings to correct this tendency and steer the wheels slightly to the inside of the corner.

This improves the stability of the car through the turn.

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This effect is called compliance understeer and it, or its opposite, is present on all suspensions. Typical methods of achieving compliance understeer are to use a Watt's link on a live rear axle, or the use of toe control bushings on a twist beam suspension.

On an independent rear suspension it is normally achieved by changing the rates of the rubber bushings in the suspension. Some suspensions typically have compliance oversteer due to geometry, such as Hotchkiss live axlessemi-trailing arm IRS, and rear twist beams, but may be mitigated by revisions to the pivot points of the leaf spring or trailing arm, or additional suspension links, or complex internal geometry of the bushings.

Passive rear wheel steering is not a new concept, as it has been in use for many years, although not always recognised as such. Articulated steering[ edit ] Front loader with articulated steering Articulated steering is a system by which a vehicle is split into front and rear halves which are connected by a vertical hinge.

The front and rear halves are connected with one or more hydraulic cylinders that change the angle between the halves, including the front and rear axles and wheels, thus steering the vehicle.

This system does not use steering arms, king pins, tie rods, etc. If the vertical hinge is placed equidistant between the two axles, it also eliminates the need for a central differentialas both front and rear axles will follow the same path, and thus rotate at the same speed.

Articulated haulers have very good off-road performance. Vehicle-trailer-combinations such as semi-trailersroad trainsarticulated busesand internal transport trolley trains can be regarded as passively articulated vehicles.

Rear wheel steering[ edit ] A few types of vehicle use only rear wheel steering, notably fork lift truckscamera dolliesearly pay loadersBuckminster Fuller 's Dymaxion carand the ThrustSSC. Rear wheel steering is meant for slower vehicles that need high-maneuverability in tight spaces, e.

The aim of steer-by-wire technology is to completely do away with as many mechanical components steering shaft, column, gear reduction mechanism, etc.

Completely replacing conventional steering system with steer-by-wire holds several advantages, such as: The absence of steering column simplifies the car interior design.

The absence of steering shaft, column and gear reduction mechanism allows much better space utilization in the engine compartment. The steering mechanism can be designed and installed as a modular unit.

Without mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the road wheel, it is less likely that the impact of a frontal crash will force the steering wheel to intrude into the driver's survival space.

An introduction to honda cars

Steering system characteristics can easily and infinitely be adjusted to optimize the steering response and feel. As of there are no production cars available that rely solely on steer-by-wire technology due to safety, reliability and economic concerns, but this technology has been demonstrated in numerous concept cars and the similar fly-by-wire technology is in use in both military and civilian aviation applications.

Removing the mechanical steering linkage in road going vehicles would require new legislation in most countries. Automobile safety For safety reasons all modern cars feature a collapsible steering column energy absorbing steering column which will collapse in the event of a heavy frontal impact to avoid excessive injuries to the driver.

Airbags are also generally fitted as standard. Non-collapsible steering columns fitted to older vehicles very often impaled drivers in frontal crashes, particularly when the steering box or rack was mounted in front of the front axle line, at the front of the crumple zone.

This was particularly a problem on vehicles that had a rigid separate chassis frame, with no crumple zone.New for The Honda Civic represents the second consecutive year of changes after the model’s introduction. A CVT replaces the old five-speed automatic, all models get a new.

VAT N°: FR SIREN: NAF code: Z. Assets: €. A clear view ahead Two thirds of European cars sold by will have electrified powertrains. Our commitment to the manufacture of fuel cell vehicles – using Honda’s global R&D resources – will soon see the introduction of a comprehensive range of hybrid and electric powered vehicles for .

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Find out more about its lighter, stiffer chassis and exhilarating VTEC TURBO performance. Sportier that ever, the new Honda Civic 5 Door owns the road. Find out more about its lighter, stiffer chassis and exhilarating VTEC TURBO performance.

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