An introduction to the transformation of american law

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An introduction to the transformation of american law

Some Federal Government publications can be accessed at: Each state has a government press which is also responsible for state government publications.

International Law Nigeria is a signatory to many international instruments. Nigeria is a member of the United Nations, The Commonwealth among others. It is also important to note that several Nigerian judges have served and are still serving on a number of international tribunals and courts.

The Council is in charge of the Nigerian Law Schoola vocational institution responsible for the education and training of prospective legal practitioners in Nigeria.

Persons wishing to study law in Nigeria must first undergo undergraduate training in Nigerian universities for the award of an LL.

B degree after which they proceed to the Nigerian Law School for practical training in any of its campuses. Successful candidates in the Bar Final examinations are called to the Nigerian Bar if they satisfy the Benchers that they are of good character.

The Council of Legal Education also recognizes some foreign degree holders from accredited overseas institutions for purposes of admission. In order to qualify to practise as a legal practitioner in Nigeria, a person called to the Nigerian Bar must enroll as a Solicitor and Advocate of the Court of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

A legal practitioner is enrolled in Nigeria both as a Solicitor and Advocate Barrister because, unlike in England, the legal profession is fused. The activities and conduct of members of the legal profession are regulated by statutory bodies like the General Council of the Bar and the Body of Benchers.

The bodies are established by the Legal Practitioners Act, Cap. The Nigerian Bar Association N. A is the foremost professional association in the legal profession. In fact the representatives of the N. It has recently approved establishment of sections along the lines of the International Bar Association.

Membership of the Association is open to all legal practitioners. The Association is funded in part through the annual practicing fees payable by legal practitioners to secure right of audience in court. Cases of persons found to be prima facie guilty are then forwarded to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee of the Body of Benchers for consideration and determination.

A person aggrieved by the decision of the Disciplinary Committee has a right of appeal to the Supreme Court of Nigeria whose decision is final. In addition the Supreme Court may exercise original disciplinary jurisdiction over a legal practitioner who appears to the Court to have been guilty of infamous conduct in any professional respect with regard to any matter of which a court of record in Nigeria is seized.

Bureau of Public Enterprises BPE - An organization responsible for the privatization and commercialization of enterprises.

An introduction to the transformation of american law

A list of privatized companies can be accessed on their site http:Law can be divided into substantive law (which provides the meaning and content for the body of rules) and adjective law (which determines how the substantive law must be enforced – it establishes the procedures of the civil and criminal courts).

INTRODUCTION Morton Horwitz's The Transformation of American Law, x is a serious and thoughtful attempt to describe some of the basic, general themes in American law during one of its most energetic and creative periods. Pro- fessor Horwitz assembles a .

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