Are males and females treated differently

I will examine several aspects of this problem:

Are males and females treated differently

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Are Male and Female Brains Different? While some brain features are more common in one sex than the other, and some are typically found in both, most people have a unique mix.

Research has found some key differences that could explain why we expect males and females to think and behave in characteristic ways. Most Brains Are Both A study at Tel Aviv University used an interesting and very thorough approach to compare the structure of male and female brains.

Researchers looked at MRI scans of more than 1, people. First, they measured the amount and location of gray matter sometimes called "thinking matter" in parts of the brain to find out which areas had the biggest sex differences.

Next, the team scored these areas on each scan as either falling into the "female-end" zone, the "male-end" zone, or somewhere in the middle. It turned out that maybe 6 in every of the brains they studied were consistently a single sex.

Many others had a patchwork quilt of masculine and feminine features that varied widely from person to person. Overall, the findings suggest that "human brains do not belong to one of two distinct categories.

During pubertyhormones may again have a powerful effect and contribute to rewriting the teen brain. Her team has looked at nearly 2, healthy people, including kids, teens, and young adults who took various tests of their mental skills.

Differences in their "brain road maps" scientifically known as "the connectome" can explain why males outperform females on certain tests of mental skills, while females have the edge in others.

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Women have more connections going left and right across the two halves of the brain. This could give them an advantage in pulling together information from different sources and drawing conclusions.

The left half of the brain handles logical thinking, and the right is associated with intuition. Men have stronger connections between brain areas for motor and spatial skills. That means males tend to do a better job at tasks that need hand-eye coordination and understanding where objects are in space, such as throwing a ball or hammering a nail.

Are males and females treated differently

So is it surprising that women tend to be better at understanding how other people are feeling and knowing the right way to respond in social situations? Not only could recent findings change how scientists study the brain, but this research could also have important health benefits, like better treatments for disorders that affect one sex more than the other.

When your brain processes the same signals over and over, those networks will get stronger, like working out a muscle.

So even if male and female brains start out similar, they may become different over time as boys and girls are treated differently with different expectations. And brains can adapt.

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Like when someone loses their sight, they get better at hearing. They use the "seeing" part of their brain to process sound. PNAS, Dec 15, PNAS, Jan 14, The Clayman Institute for Gender Research: Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, April The clear sex difference in CRF-R1 and GR levels suggested that the HPA axis may respond differently in males and females to and that men and women may need to be treated differently for.

Ways that Males and Females are Treated Differently In addition to the people who consciously believe women less capable, there are those who acknowledge that women can succeed at engineering but consider female engineers to be ``somehow suspect'' [ Turkle , page ,].

The first section of the essay will be about how males and females are not treated differently, and are treated the same. I will provide exa mples of gender equality from different pa rts of the.

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In more gender-equal societies, "the male advantage in math virtually disappears," Halpern said, but other differences grow. When given more equal encouragement and access to education, on average, girls become even better at reading than boys and boys further outstrip girls in visual-spatial tasks.

Women know, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” But despite the fact that women are capable and talented, most people aren’t willing to bet their money on female athletes. Sep 27,  · Nonetheless, the results of the study suggest that leaders have much work to do before men and women both feel fairly treated.

And managers need to consider the implications of a workplace in which the traditional routes to the top seem to be working, in a great many cases, for one gender only.

Are Male and Female Brains Different?