Chapter 11 14the basics of capital

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Chapter 11 14the basics of capital

Broadly speaking, the two key concepts behind CSR are: ETI workbook edition 2 Ethical trade: CSR implies that companies take responsibility for the impact of their business operations not only on shareholders and consumers, but also on employees indirect as well as directlocal communities, supply chain partners, wider society and the environment.

Ethical sourcing implies that companies take responsibility for their indirect employees — in other words, the workers in their supply chains. To some extent it also implies responsibility towards suppliers.

CSR also implies ensuring good corporate governance. Ethical sourcing is about taking responsibility for working practices. Ways of taking responsibility. A range of approaches and tools is used in tackling CSR. These include public reporting, stakeholder engagement, community involvement, corporate philanthropy, managing supply chain relations, exerting financial leverage to influence government policies or other companies for example ethical investmentconsumer education, codes of conduct and standards, and incorporation of CSR principles into core business operations.

Ethical sourcing centres around the adoption and implementation of codes of labour practice, and indirectly around improving supply chain relations. As a result of such campaigns, companies came under increasing pressure to adopt ethical sourcing policies.

Chapter 11 14the basics of capital

Typical responses were to adopt a code of practice setting out minimum labour standards that they expected their suppliers to comply with. But sourcing ethically has proved to be controversial, even for companies who want to do so. This is partly because sourcing companies can never have complete control over the actions of other companies they do not own.

Their ability to influence the actions of supplier companies depends on several factors, including how important the sourcing company is to the supplier, whether a direct relationship exists, how long and stable the relationship is, and so on. And although there is now broad agreement that companies are responsible for protecting the rights of all the workers in their supply chains, the question of how they can change the practices of supplier companies with whom they have no stable or direct relationship is a complex one.

Some other key questions that have arisen include: How do other stakeholders know whether or not the claims made by a company about labour practices in its supply chain are credible? The Ethical Trading Initiative ETI is a unique alliance of companies, trade unions and non-governmental organisations working towards a future where all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination and work in conditions of freedom, security and equity.

We believe that global brands and retailers have a huge potential — as well as responsibility — to contribute to this vision by ensuring that workers in their supply chains are treated according to international labour standards.

When organisations — be they companies, NGOs or trade unions — join ETI, they commit to promoting ethical trade and to contributing actively to our projects and activities. Our corporate members also make a commitment to implementing the ETI Base Code in their supply chains, according to our Principles of Implementation see section 1.

Our activities focus on identifying and promoting good practice in ethical trade and developing practical tools for companies.

Preliminary findings from five in-depth case studies confirmed our expectations of improvements in some areas for example, health and safety, working hours and the living wageand pointed to the need for greater efforts to ensure codes benefit temporary workers and those contracted through third parties.

We will provide practical recommendations based on our findings for all those involved in the implementation of codes of labour practice.

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For more information, go to www. These include the following: A true commitment to ethical sourcing involves implementing the other activities that are the subject of this workbook see section 1.

Some suppliers may be unable to meet all the terms within a short time or, in some cases, they may be constrained by structural social issues for example, ethnic, gender or racial discrimination that lie outside their control. Of course, if your company is not a member of ETI, you are not formally obliged to follow these tenets.

However, they constitute what we believe to be good practice in the implementation of codes of labour practice, and the workbook should be read in light of this.

Other well-known initiatives are: Member companies can adopt the Base Code in two ways: Key points to note about the Base Code are: Where national law affords greater protection to workers, the company should apply national law.

Employment is freely chosen 2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected 3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic 4. Child labour shall not be used 5. Living wages are paid 6. Working hours are not excessive 7. No discrimination is practised 8.Feb 10,  · First, Christ should be preached in a gospel message.

Second, it is impossible to say everything about Christ--even in a lifetime. Some texts more than others relate more to Christ and his Kingdom, or character, attributes, et. al. and thus in those you would definitely preach more about Christ. Chapter 11 Gap Inc.’s engagement with stakeholders on public reporting Nike – pushing the boundaries of transparency Increasing access to capital Implementing an ethical sourcing policy can arguably help win you credit within the ethical/socially responsible investment (SRI) community, as SRI criteria frequently.

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Each chapter contains a brief description of the basic models to be estimated and then gives you the specific instructions or gretl code to reproduce all of the examples in the book. Where appropriate, I’ve added a bit of pedagogical material that complements what you’ll find in the text.

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