Critical book report menyimak

Keempat keterampilan ini berkaitan antara satu dengan yang lain. Jika ada yang berbicara tentu ada yang menyimak dan jika ada yang membaca tentu ada yang menulis.

Critical book report menyimak

This study employs a qualitative case study, in MTs Negeri Ciranjang as microscopic setting.

Critical book report menyimak

Data are obtained through document and textbook analysis, and interview. The textbook analysis is used as basis of how content of curriculum is organized and, later, it reflects how teachers teach in classroom.

The result shows that similarly both curricula purpose to enhance learners with communicative competence although the content is arranged differently. In the recommendation section, it is noted that government and institution need to facilitate teachers in developing their competency Critical book report menyimak teaching English language and tightly evaluate them in order to reach National education aim as mandated in National Preamble.

The and curricula socially emerge in two obviously different situations. The latter is the first well- socialized and completed of the based competence curriculum, as the implication of legalization of National education Act No.

The Research Problems Many complaints are directed to government as the changing of curriculum Retmono at http: On other hand, the development of science and technology in other countries leads them as to be powerful and influencing countries in Education The Times Higher Education supplement, November cited in Alwasilah Therefore, investigating the gap by critically comparing the and the English language teaching curriculum in Indonesia, particularly their development and implementation in classroom at MTs Negeri Ciranjang is necessary to be conducted.

Therefore, based on the purpose above, the research question of this study is: What are the similarities and the differences of the and ELT curricula in term of goal of English as foreign language EFL taught in school context?

In this research needs and situational analysis are as the context of the emergence of both curriculums, and evaluation is as the reflection and implication of how teachers teach not as the main study of this research. Secondly, it attempts to critically analyze policy of government in changing and developing curriculum, as curriculum as the government document van Dijk at http: Thirdly, the result of this research is valuable information for teachers, particularly how their classroom action significantly impacts to curriculum development Richard ; Harmer and textbook publisher.

Lastly, it attempts to increase awareness that education is not only responsible of government but also teacher, textbook publisher economic institution and society in which critically control and manage the planning and process of curriculum development.

Further, the term of curriculum defines differently based on the intention of the experts. Similar with Alberty and Kerr, Richard The above definition leads to the needs of development of curriculum predominantly in the context of planning and implementation Zais, The concept of curriculum development has been adopted in language teaching from s Richard Curriculum development is characterized as the process of determination of who will be involved, what procedures will be used, how it will be organized Zais, In addition, Miller and Seller Eisner finds out five curriculum ideologies which influence the aim of ELT curriculum are rationalism, social economic efficiency, learner-centeredness, social reconstruction, and cultural pluralism Eisner in Richard Objective is more specific level of purposes.

Bloom distinguishes objective into three domains; respectively cognitive, affective and psychomotor http: The cognitive domain involves intellectual tasks such as writing expository compositions. The affective domain deals with feeling, attitude, or value. The psychomotor domain intends to develop manipulative and motor skills Zais, However, in the fact, applying four cognitive domains in classroom is rather complex.

Particularly, adopting affective domain in learning language is rather hard in EFL context. Some critiques emerge for the use of objectives in defining learning outcomes Richard The competence — based language teaching CBLT in s and well-accepted in s focuses on the outcomes or ends of learning programs Schneck in Richard In language teaching context, content relates to subject matter and linguistics matter Krahnke Therefore, the content and its organization of ELT curriculum are obviously based on the development of theory of language.

Firstly, models should be congruent with aims and objectives. Secondly, models should be congruent with the general environment.Oct 13,  · A Critical Comparison of the and the English Language Teaching Curricula (A Critical Discourse Analysis) By: E.

Critical book report menyimak

Elis Aisah 1. Abstract This research reports the comparison of the and the ELT curriculum, particularly based on MTs Negeri Ciranjang’s perception. This study employs a qualitative case study, in MTs Negeri Ciranjang as.

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