Demystifying the themes in the film exotica

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Demystifying the themes in the film exotica

Highly original, it lures its audience back for repeated viewings, revealing a little bit more of itself each time. He begins to frequent the ballet to meet other men, where he picks up a customs officer who discovers his smuggling operation, as does Francis. Meanwhile, at the club, Eric spurs Francis into crossing the line and touching Christina while she dances for him.

Francis then blackmails Thomas into wearing a wire and venturing into the club to obtain information on his behalf. Flashbacks that intercut the film throughout chronicle the first meeting of Eric and Christina as they and several other volunteers search for the missing body of the murdered girl.

The men embrace in mutual consolation. As Francis drops Christina off, he detects her unhappiness and remoteness and intuits that all is not well at home. He offers his help and support to her; she alights distractedly and makes her way down the path to her immaculately symmetrical suburban home, schoolbag in hand.

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Watching The strip club scenes, for their profusion of naked bodies, are singularly lacking in lasciviousness. Francis watches Christina intently and intensely as she performs her table-dance.

Slowly, disconcertedly, we realize that he sees in her his dead daughter Lisa. Eric watches, distracted from his announcing duties, as Christina dances for Francis. Eric realizes that a most private act is occurring in public view at the club: Christina and Francis have forged a profound connection born out of loss and grief, transmuted somehow into a healing which occurs when she dances for this surrogate father-figure.

By humanizing his characters, he brings us to a curiously empathetic understanding of what might have brought them to where they are now. Zoe in turn watches Eric at his announcing station on the floor above, monitoring what he is saying and doing. Thomas buys two ballet tickets, sells one to a man of his choice, and watches him with sidelong glances while they are both assumedly watching the performance.

Later, Thomas wears a wire into the club so that Francis can hear his conversations with Christina and with Eric. The film opens with one customs officer instructing another how to watch through the one-way mirror at the airport, and what to look for. Transacting The world of Exotica is bound together by the glue of exchanges and transactions.

Thomas pays for ballet tickets, sells one of them to a likely pick-up candidate, and then returns him the money at the end of the performance, thus obligating the man to respond in kind by asking Thomas out. Then there are the exchanges that do not necessarily involve money.

Francis coerces Thomas into spying for him in return for overlooking his smuggling crimes.

Demystifying the themes in the film exotica

Zoe and Eric draw up a contract so that he can father her child, thus ending his relationship with Christina. Perhaps the most interesting of these exchanges is the basis for the relationship between Francis and Christina.

She soothes him with her physical presence and her performance, and allows him to cultivate the fantasy that she is indeed his dead daughter, with whom he can be physically proximate.

On the other hand, she looks up to him as a parental figure for the love and support that she probably never received at home. Running through this relationship like a twister is its unspoken carnality: But ultimately, what really drives the film is the exoticism that we feel towards our own experience, that point at which our own memory, and our own relationship to the things that are closest to us become exotic.

Francis also frequently flashes to video footage of his daughter and wife at the piano, captured just as Christina arrived at their door for her baby-sitting assignment.

Thus, his memory of Lisa is mediated by this black-and-white videotape recording which includes significantly the off-screen presence of Christina. Egoyan provides a wonderful hint of things to come as soon as the film is just out the starting gate.

In the credit sequence, the camera slowly tracks over a set comprised of paintings of exotic plants and props which look like fake exotic plants.

The resulting effect is to imply a world of alienated characters who purchase alien experiences in order to feel whole such are the woes of this modern world!

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Egoyan employs an exotic and effective fusion of slow and heavy, bass-deep techno beats and Indian music. The plaintive melody of the Indian instrument, the shehnai, runs through the film. The music soundtrack was recorded in Canada and in Bombay. Parents And Children One feature unites the characters of the film: Thomas has recently lost his father and is struggling to manage the pet shop left to him.

Tracey seems to be the best-adjusted person in the film. She also clearly enjoys a close relationship with her father, and is thus yet untainted by the toxins of life. The film however seems to imply that those of us who escape the traumas of childhood are unlikely to remain unscathed as adults.

If we have no baggage of our own yet, no matter: It is just a matter of time.Nov 24,  · ‘Exotica’ is an esoteric thriller, encompassing adult themes that Egoyan has spent his entire directorial career investigating, and the results are incredibly moving and effective.

The film inhabits its own universe, exemplified by the eponymous nightclub, rather than existing as an exercise in realism. From his first vlog back in to his full-length film directorial debut Not Cool, Shane Dawson has been an open book when it comes to documenting his life.

and classes such as the popular "Whiskey as an Aphrodisiac," Greene has been demystifying whiskey the way Andrea Immer did wine a decade ago. put your favorite exotica record on. Feb 02,  · demystifying Ilokano food exotica and other rave and rants on food and cuisine of the Ilokanos and on Philippine culinary scenes.

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On the surface, Exotica could be considered one of your typical sexploitation flicks that appeals to the l owest common denominator, the most youthful being Showgirls and Striptease.

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Demystifying the themes in the film exotica