Gentleman of rio en medio essay

Thesis statement of gentleman of rio en medio the similarities and differences between Don anselmo and the narrator in The Gentleman of Rio en Medio. What are the similarities between Don Anselmo and the narrator in The best definition.

Gentleman of rio en medio essay

Saturday, December 14, Compare and Contrast Don Anselmo and the Americans Two people can be very different and yet similar in a way. Just like these two characters from "Gentleman of Rio en Medio".

Don Anselmo sells his land to the Americans which leads to a conflict. The conflict is that after the land was sold, the village's children would overrun the American's property.

So together they fixed the problem and both the Don Anselmo and the Americans were satisfied.

Gentleman of rio en medio essay

Now comparing these two characters, we will find many differences and a few similarities. Money for Don Anselmo is not very important. We can conclude that because when the Americans offered more money, he refused to take the money.

But for the American money is what they use to get what they want. And they want to live in Rio en Medio a lone with no disturbance. They both care about money because why else would Don Anselmo be selling his land.

When a conflict occur, Don Anselmo tries to explain his point of view by telling them that the trees are not his. He does not get angry he understands the conflict an tries to help.

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The American don't get angry either. They are actually very understanding and help solve the conflict by buying the trees from the children which stops the children from overrunning their property.

Don Anselmo is poor, and we know that because his gloves were torn and he was using the skeleton of an umbrella. And the Americans are probably poor as well because it took them a long time to buy the trees from the children. Don Anselmo is an old man because he said that he is the oldest man in the village.

But the Americans seem young because, if they weren't young they wouldn't buy a new house. And they wouldn't plaster the fence and do all this work.

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Don Anselmo had a lot of time as written in the story "what he had most of was time. It took months to convince Don Anselmo to sell the land.

Which shows that he has a lot of time. As we have read above both Don Anselmo and the Americans are good people. But each one of them has his or her traits which is what makes them different from each other.

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