Geography of the hoh rainforest

With a rental car and early starts beginning at 5: We were blessed with 3 days of sunshine on the Olympic Peninsula during the Memorial Day weekend.

Geography of the hoh rainforest

But they are there! Temperate means that the location is between tropical and arctic latitudes. Located within the Hoh River Valley along the western side of the Pacific Coast Ranges, this area of Washington has just the right mix of mild winters and cooler summers and total rainfall of 12 to 14 feet per year!

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This rain forest used to span from Alaska to Oregon, but now is limited to protected areas. I was fortunate to visit Hoh Rain Forest in spring We traveled along the Pacific Coast and made it to the entrance on the same day.

The drive into the park is rather long, but as you enter further, the environment changes dramatically from coastal to rain forest. As soon as you start on the trails, you feel the moisture in the air and serene peacefulness of this undisturbed area.

Geography of the hoh rainforest

Just walking through the forest is like receiving a gift. The views are spectacular with an abundance of mosses, ferns, and other plants at ground surface and a various canopy of trees including spruce and hemlock.

The fallen limbs, decaying logs and new sprouts of vegetation show the endless cycle of regeneration occurring throughout the forest. And every step made me want to see more. More information can be found on the National Park Service website at: I have been to the Quinault rain forest as well which is smaller in scale but is a nice stop if you are looking for a quicker alternative.This lesson will familiarize students with the concept of stewardship and the practice of stewardship by problem solving actions an individual or group can do to take care of our natural environment.

Temperate rain forests, as opposed to tropical rain forests, represent rare ecosystems that exist in the temperate zones of the world. Because of their higher latitudes, they are much cooler and darker than tropical rain forests. The Hoh Rainforest is actually a campground inside of the Olympic National Park Rainforest.

There are many trails to walk, or ride horses.

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Some of the ones near the campground are The Hall of Mosses Trail ( miles), the Spruce Nature Trail ( miles), and the Hoh River Trail ( miles). Treasures Of The Earth: Worldwide Natural Landscapes Photography - 32 Mossy Trunks Hoh Rainforest Washington. Photo Wallpaper Forest Wallpaper Hd Wallpaper Rainforest Trees Tree Trunks Rainforests Tree Forest Washington State Mother Nature.

More information. Saved by. Jeanine Boyle. 5. Olympic National Park offers outdoor adventures, cultural experiences and serene, natural splendor. Our lodges span the Peninsula providing charming, comfortable accommodations conveniently located for the perfect road trip around the Peninsula loop to make your experience just what you want it .

The Hoh River Trail Seattleā€™s Most Epic Backpacking Trip Full of giant ancient trees swathed in layers of lichens, ferns, and mosses, the temperate rainforests of Olympic National Park are among the dreamiest landscapes in Washington State.

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