Giordano its branding

Executive Summary The Hong Kong apparel manufacturer and retailer Giordano was chosen by the author for this report.

Giordano its branding

The material from Giordano is so soft and so convenient to be used. The fiber of the material can absorb the sweat and if u use the product, u will the proud because you use the product. The quality for the products of Giordano is world quality with their mid priced to compare with the competitors of Giordano.

Material of Giordano is not easy to be changed the shape. So the shape not too different from first buying until now. Form the smallest size until the biggest size. That certain size usually not provide in all the other retail outlet but Giordano provide that size to satisfy the customer.

This size will help the customer who have the small body or a big body therefore from that, people who have like them can use Giordano product too. Giordano is targeting the unisex casual clothes so the male or female can use the product.

As the fact, Casual clothes can not be decline by updating mode and casual clothes can be use for all the range of ages.

Giordano clothes is fashionable too. Giordano has a good Infrastructure — allows for ease of distribution nationally and internationally. It proved that Giordano product is east to buy in everywhere.

Because of the good infrastructure Giordano will strong in finance. The employees of the Giordano has got training to be a good employees for Giordano therefore the employees of Giordano has a good knowledge to explain to customers what is the product sell.

Before the employees received, the company make the tightly selection for their customer.


Weakness Giordano not make website for certain country yet. Actually the customer for that certain country have a lot of customers. This inconvenient will reduce the satisfaction of the customer in certain country to get the information about the product that Giordano sell.

For a certain customers in Indonesia the price is quite expensive. The different currency will effect the buying effort.

Giordano its branding

Quality of service in each country is different. Not have the standardize for the product quality. Incase the tagline for Giordano is good morning or good afternoon Giordano. Actually the tagline is the special feature for Giordano than the other competitors. Giordano can do other innovation to their product because the casual product will use in all the times.

Because has a good strength for their finance and the company rapidly growth to the market, it will invite the investor to joint the stock for the Giordano.

It will make the Giordano more famous than before they did. Hi technology and hi economy can make Giordano expand the product more better than before. The quality of the product can be expand too with that hi technology.

Because that hi technology too can make the production can be efficient.

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It will make the production will be done in shorter time, there fore Giordano can allocate their money to promotion. As we know Giordano is a global brand, if we open a new branch of Giordano, it will gain the profit quickly. Because people have already known what is the product Giordano sell, the quality, and the image too.

New market share of Giordano, because the younger and hip crowdwe can following up on the point on expanding their range of clothes beyond just the basics clothes. Threat There many retailer has product, quality, price compete to the Giordano do, this thing will treat the Giordano to get the market share or to be a market leader or to get more profit.However, Giordano faces threat of strong competitors with similar positioning and also from brand dilution (e.g.´Cheap image´) as the market in general shifts upward along with increasing incomes.

Giordano should continue to invest in strengthening its brand equity through heavy advertising and excellent customer service. Different Brands of Giordano Group Giordano International Limited is a leading international retailer of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel under the brand names “Giordano”, “Giordano Ladies”, “Giordano Concepts”, “Giordano Junior” and “Bluestar Exchange”.

A more up-market brand of Giordano casual attire with a high emphasis on its own “less is more” retail approach. The brand focuses on the idea that less is more than just more, but that is cool as well. Giordano believes in celebrity endorsements and has roped in Jeon Ji Hyun as its brand ambassador.

Earlier famous personalities like Jung Ryu and Jang Dong-gun have been a part of its commercials. During one of its marketing activities company invited creative teams to participate in a campaign titled Life is a Journey.

Giordano & Its Branding

Giordano should continue to invest in strengthening its brand equity through heavy advertising and excellent customer service.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Fantastic customer service: Service orientation is pervasive in many of its activities. Sep 19,  · Marketing of Giordano.


Giordano History |Success Story of Giordano Brand

A good branding, Giordano has already had good image to their customer therefore the customers who use that product will not doubt about the quality from Giordano it self. The material from Giordano is so soft and so convenient to be used.

However Giordano with the its middle priced.