Global business reports chemical week magazine

USCIB Annual Report — Around the world, and across every industry, companies are facing increased regulation of their operations. New corporate tax rules, heightened privacy protections, environmental reporting, forced localization — these are just a few examples of the proliferating regulatory burden with which global companies must contend. The cost of regulation is increasing, eating into profits and hampering job creation.

Global business reports chemical week magazine

In April, the company inked an agreement with Ireo, a private real estate equity business based in the Indian city of Gurgaon. The company, which has more than investors in the fund that will be paying the Trump Organization, is headed by Madhukar Tulsi, a prominent real estate executive in India.

No charges were ever brought in the case, but the investigation did reveal the close political ties between a prominent Indian political party and a company that is now a Trump partner.

No doubt, few Indian political groups hoping to establish close ties to a possible future American president could have missed the recent statements from the Trump family that its company wanted to do more deals in their country. As the Republican National Convention was about to get underway in July, the Trump Organization declared it was planning a massive expansion in the South Asian country.

Branding Wars in the Middle East Trump already has financial conflicts in much of the Islamic world, a problem made worse by his anti-Muslim rhetoric and his impulsive decisions during this campaign.

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One of his most troubling entanglements is in Turkey. Inthe Trump Organization struck a branding deal with the Dogan Group, named for its owners, one of the most politically influential families in Turkey.

Trump and Dogan first agreed that the Turkish company would pay a fee to put the Trump name on two towers in Istanbul.

The influence that allowed for the Dogans to attract Erdogan to the ceremonies has collapsed, and once again, a Trump partner became caught up in allegations of criminal activities. In March of this year, an Istanbul court accepted an indictment of Aydin Dogan, chairman of the Dogan Group, on charges he engaged in a fuel smuggling.

Aydin Dogan has proclaimed his innocence, and critics of the action have proclaimed that the indictment was a politically motivated attempt to crush the company that has served as a journalistic opponent of the government.

global business reports chemical week magazine

Still, that would leave a President Trump in a conflict: Dogan is his business partner, Erdogan is an essential American ally, and they both now are set against each other.

This is no minor skirmish: American-Turkish relations are one of the most important national security issues for the United States.

Turkey is among the few Muslim countries allied with America in the fight against the Islamic State militant group; it carries even greater importance because it is a Sunni-majority nation aiding the U.

Turkey has allowed the U. Once again, all his dealings with Turkey would be suspect: Would Trump act in the interests of the United States or his wallet? Kurdish insurgent groups are in armed conflict with Turkey, demanding an independent Kurdistan. Trump has pursued business opportunities in the oil-rich nation for years, with mixed success.

The deal was negotiated by Hussain Ali Sajwani, chairman of Damac, who had engaged in controversial land deals with senior government officials in the UAE. He met personally with Trump about the project, and their relationship grew, ultimately leading to Damac working with the Trump Organization on two branded golf courses and a collection of villas in Dubai.

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According to the former executive with the Trump Organization, Trump has said he personally invested in some of the Dubai projects. In this case, even the possibility of a Trump presidency has created chaos for the Trump Organization.

There were calls to boycott the Damac-Trump properties. Damac put out a statement essentially saying its deal with the Trump Organization had nothing to do with Donald Trump personally, a claim that fooled no one. Two days later, the name went back up, setting off an even louder outcry.

global business reports chemical week magazine

Other UAE businesses with connections to Trump are also shunning the brand. With Middle Eastern business partners and American allies turning on him, Trump lashed out. Cooperation is particularly important for the United States because Iran—whose potential development of nuclear weapons has been a significant security issue, leading to an international agreement designed to place controls on its nuclear energy efforts—is one of the UAE's largest trading partners, and Dubai has been a transit point for sensitive technology bound for Iran.

Would his decisions in the White House be based on what is best for America or on what would keep the cash from Dubai flowing to him and his family? He was also linked to the bombing of Pan Am Flightwhich exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing people, in But for the Trump Organization, Qaddafi was not a murdering terrorist; he was a prospect who might bring the company financing and the opportunity to build a resort on the Mediterranean coast of Libya.

According to an Arab financier and a former businessman from the North African country, Trump made entreaties to Qaddafi and other members of his government, beginning inin which he sought deals that would bring cash to the Trump Organization from a sovereign wealth fund called the Libyan Investment Authority.Chemical Week Magazine Chemical news, chemical pricing, live ethylene pricing data, european chemical news, petrochemical news from the leading chemical magazine, Green Chemistry.

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