Global value chain

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Global value chain

The common and original practice of mapping is the scaled portrayal of geographical features, that is, cartography. In the contemporary sense of data visualization, it includes metaphorical extensions of geographical map conventions and literacies to other kinds of data, as well as innovative ways of visualizing data not clearly related to the geographical archetype.

In popular vernacular, mapping can just mean organizing or systematizing information. Sourcemap is the first crowdsourced directory of supply chains and environmental footprints.

World Shipping Routes Nicholas Rapp made this beautiful image of global shipping routes, highlighting the sinews of commerce in the modern age as global trade has boomed to unprecedented levels.

Trade as a share of world output fell precipitously during the two world wars, and Cold War politics kept it relatively low for most of the second half of the twentieth century. Busiest Container Ports Seaports are a physical manifestation of the global trade of goods.


This Seth Kadish map shows the locations of the 50 busiest on the planet, and the size of the dots is scaled to the quantity of goods they handle. Countries that depend on metal or mineral exports are typically quite poor, with the dominance of these sectors generally a tell-tale sign of a lack of any kind of sophisticated industrial base.

Global value chain

We constantly see data that has been delivered to our PCs and mobile devices over the Internet, but rarely do we stop to think about the complex network that feeds that data to our devices. Some of them focus on the big picture while others illustrate finer details.The Global Value Chains (GVC) Initiative is a network of researchers, activists, and policymakers that seeks to consolidate and foster the GVC perspective, an industry-centric view of economic globalization that highlights the linkages between economic actors and across geographic space.

The Global Food Value Chain Strategy -Promote "Made WITH Japan" Through Public-Private Partnership-. Overview of the Global Food Value Chain Strategy(PDF:1,KB).

Global value chain

Global value chains shed new light on trade David Dollar Monday and a group of research centers around the world have published a first “Global Value Chain Development Report” based on. The Global Value Chain Development Report, is a comprehensive analysis of the global economy and the ways in which GVCs are transforming Global Trade.

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To hold ourselves publicly accountable for our performance and help us deliver strategic outcomes around the world, Nestlé publishes 41 public commitments. All are directly aligned with our business strategy and our ambitions, and many directly support the .

“It is only in respect to knowledge that a business can be distinct, can therefore produce something that has a value in the market place.”. PETER DRUCKER, Managing for Results Your enterprise — business, government agency, NGO, even your family or household — has as its ultimate purpose or mission producing value — benefits, outcomes, and results in some specific form, for example.

Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is a $billion global industry - Pharmaceutical Commerce