How to write a media release australian

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How to write a media release australian

Fiona Mackrell How do you go about writing a professional, attention grabbing media release and what makes it news? The In Box Most media releases these days are emailed so they have a kind of dual etiquette.

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Sometimes the information is only in the body of the email, which can work just fine if you can format it well, but if not you may be better able to control how your media release will look to the end user if it is an attachment, and thereby ensure it appears more professional.

The Subject Line For starters all media inboxes are clogged with media releases every day so the subject line of your email is critical. But the main thing the subject line needs to say in as few words as possible is what the media release is about.

The Email The body copy of the email can be thought of as a covering letter, particularly if you know the editor or journalist. It then gives you a chance to explain what the story is about and offer any particular ideas or angles you think will be of interest- very briefly. The guts of it — the Media Release Imagine how the information you provide will appear in the media.

The purpose of a press release is to entice the media to include your information in the stories and news of their publication because people are likely to attach more weight and to read news stories and articles than an advertisement. What makes a media release news worthy?

Consider the follow criteria when judging if a story might be newsworthy: Not every news story will cover all these criteria but your media release needs to show it ticks as many of these boxes as it can. Nor should you be coy or mysterious. Try to get to the nub of your story and answer as many potential questions, the what, where, when, why, how and who as quickly as possible.

Quotes Direct quotes are critical to providing a sense of immediacy and authority to a news story. Always try to include informative and interesting quotes that encapsulate significant points you are trying to convey. Quotes can also provide emotion and humour.

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The Format The Media Release provides more room to expand on the information you want to provide but it should still be brief, one to two A4 pages.

Use a letterhead format with prominent logo and address information. Under this you can provide contact information if journalists have additional questions or want more information as well as relevant background information and details of your organisations purpose or sponsors and short biographies of the people, places or works mentioned in the release.

Great headlines need crafting and considerable thought. A headline has to do so many things: If the images require a credit or have any copyright restrictions however be sure that it is clear how they can be used.

Pressing Send Different publications have different lead times: Some publications, particularly magazines go to print weeks before they appear on the newsstands.Strengthening a Research-rich Teaching Profession for Australia. This project is the result of an alliance between the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA), the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), and the Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE).

Strategic Priorities. We apply our diverse professional expertise to the opportunities and challenges that face our nation. Corporate Documents.

A range of documents govern our operations and provide information about our projects and initiatives. How To Write a Press Release That Works Sometimes the devil can be in the details and a good press release is no exception. Companies who work well with the media can literally become overnight sensations from a single TV interview, spate of radio spots or well placed press publicity.

how to write a media release australian

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