Pacl business plan

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Pacl business plan

It was not moving, not making a sound, just…there. I just stood there for a few seconds pacl business plan try to wrap pacl business plan head around what I was seeing…what WAS I seeing? Photo by Rajman taken in the town of Campbell, CA in May New Witness But now inI have a brand new witness, whose remarkable account you will read in a moment.

My new witness is highly significant for this reason; his account of what he saw suggests the mysterious dragonfly drones are still active in our skies and perhaps more disturbingly, have been ever-present here on earth, with purpose unknown. And if so, how long have they been up there?

Chad sent those images to the popular paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM in an effort to try and understand what exactly he and his wife had seen.

The photographs also made their way to investigative reporter Linda Moulton-Howe who began reporting the unfolding events in a series of articles about this strange new phenomenon. There seemed to be no letup after that first sighting, as throughout and the sightings continued when, one after one, more than a dozen witnesses reported and photographed the strange drone craft throughout the United States, with sightings particularly clustered in California for some reason.

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In most cases the craft appeared stationery or very slow moving, silent, emitting no sound except sometimes a static, crackling, similar to high voltage electricity usually accompanied by the feeling of a static charge in the air. It seemed as though not a month went by without a new report and a new eyewitness account.

In a long letter published on the same page, Isaac told of how he was a scientist on the project and how he knew all about the strange drones people were seeing.

As well as his letter explaining his role within the drone project, Isaac had also published a cache of leaked documents and photographs allegedly from the highly secretive USAP Unacknowledged Special Access Project he worked on in Palo Alto, California.

Isaac claimed he could identify the strange craft and symbol language the witnesses were seeing as he himself had been closely involved in back-engineering them as part of the classified project he had been a part of.

That unacknowledged project was named C. An archive copy of the original Isaac webpage can be found here. The concept is extremely difficult to grasp but it was emphasised by Isaac that the special symbols found on the objects needed to be in an exact sequence, in perfect proportions and detail, and together with the correct field applied, the object would then function as intended.

T project was to take this technology of non-human origin and figure out how it worked so that it could be back engineered into commercially viable products and mainstream technologies which would ultimately be patented and released for public consumption.

The profits would then be funneled straight back into those unacknowledged black projects.

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Isaac and the other scientists worked on their own or in very small groups like any other secure compartmentalised project, but eventually the lack of background information on the items they were given to work with, together with the ruthless compartmetalisation led to a lot of frustration with their military bosses.

Frustrated, Isaac chose to leave the project, but before he did, he managed to smuggle out a cache of documentation including the photographs and scans. One of the documents which was published was called the Q Research Document 4th quarter of which outlined four particular technologies being worked on by the scientists at the Palo Alto Caret Laboratories, known as PACL.

Those four technologies listed in the Q document were listed as follows: Item 4 — had been blacked out [by PACL] and was unreadable. The photograph below shows one of the key artifacts worked on by PACL which utilised gravity modification. The image which was taken directly from the Q Research Document shows an object with a multi-ring body and appendages.

Obviously, this concept is very difficult to grasp based on our limited human understanding of gravity manipulation and the quantum world, but that is essentially the claim. Not a truer word spoken, and in the case of the drone technology it surpassed our limited human technological boundaries and our imagination of the possible.

Drone technology close up with hieroglyphic symbols. Photos showing the non-human technology taken from the Q document allegedly smuggled out of the C.By editor – Craig Brown It’s been more than 2 years now since I last wrote about the mysterious ET Dragonfly Drones.

My previous witness ‘Mary’ told me of how she encountered one of these intimidating craft sitting silentl and motionless in the air only feet away outside her mother’s apartment complex in Phoenix, Arizona in (the earliest recorded sighting so far).

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pacl business plan

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