Protecting children from pornography

History[ edit ] Rep. It was co-sponsored by 25 other House Representatives. Scope[ edit ] H. The bill does not introduce limits on subscriber information that may be retained by the ISPs and accessed by the government.

Protecting children from pornography

Excerpted in part from Kids Online: Protecting Your Children In Cyberspace by Donna Rice Hughes Revell, September While there are many ways that pornography harms children, I want to assure you that every child who views pornography will not necessarily be affected and, at worst, traumatized in the same way.

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The effects of pornography are progressive and addictive for many people. Just as every person who takes a drink does not automatically become an alcoholic, every child who is exposed to pornography does not automatically become a sexual deviant or sex addict.

However, since pornography has a new door to the home, school, and library through the Internet, it is important for us to look at the many ways that pornography can potentially harm our children.

Exposure to Pornography Threatens to Make Children Victims of Sexual Violence The Internet has proven a useful tool for pedophiles and sexual predators as they distribute child pornography, engage in sexually explicit conversations with children, and seek victims in chat rooms. The more pornography these individuals access, the higher the risk of their acting out what they see, including sexual assault, rape, and child molestation.

Pornography's Relationship to Rape and Sexual Violence According to one study, early exposure under fourteen years of age to pornography is related to greater involvement in deviant sexual practice, particularly rape.

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Slightly more than one-third of the child molesters and rapists in this study claimed to have at least occasionally been incited to commit an offense by exposure to pornography. Among the child molesters incited, the study reported that 53 percent of them deliberately used the stimuli of pornography as they prepared to offend.

For example, pedophiles use pornographic photos to demonstrate to their victims what they want them to do. They also use them to arouse a child or to lower a child's inhibitions and communicate to the unsuspecting child that a particular sexual activity is okay: Sex without responsibility is acceptable and desirable.

Because pornography encourages sexual expression without responsibility, it endangers children's health. One of the grimmer consequences of adult-like sexual activity among children has been a steady increase in the extent to which youth are afflicted with venereal disease.

Infectious syphilis rates have more than doubled among teenagers since the mids. More children contract sexually transmitted diseases each year than all the victims of polio in its eleven-year epidemic, Research has shown that "males who are exposed to a great deal of erotica before the age of 14 are more sexually active and engage in more varied sexual behaviors as adults than is true for males not so exposed.

Studies suggest that exposure to pornography can prompt kids to act out sexually against younger, smaller, and more vulnerable children. Experts in the field of childhood sexual abuse report that any premature sexual activity in children always suggests two possible stimulants: This means that the sexually deviant child may have been molested or simply exposed to sexuality through pornography.

Jennings Bryant found that 91 percent of the males and 82 percent of the females admitted having been exposed to X-rated, hard-core pornography.

Over 66 percent of the males and 40 percent of the females reported wanting to try out some of the sexual behaviors they had witnessed.

How Pornography Harms Children

And among high schoolers, 31 percent of the males and 18 percent of the females admitted actually doing some of the things they had seen in the pornography within a few days after exposure.Nov 19,  · Thankfully, we can take action to educate our children and protect them from the harms of pornography.

As we set up appropriate limits and filters, talk with them openly about pornography, and teach them about healthy sexuality, we can safeguard our children from pornography’s grasp.

Protecting children from pornography

Citizen's Guide To U.S. Federal Child Exploitation And Obscenity Laws serves a unique and critical function in the enforcement of federal laws protecting children from exploitation and prohibiting the distribution of obscenity. click the links below: Federal Law on Child Pornography; Federal Law on Child Sexual Abuse; Federal Law on.

Research indicating large numbers of children have access to pornography online raises difficult questions about governability. Protecting children from pornography For the past few weeks, I've been urging parents to make a difference in how technology and mass media impact their children.

I've pointed out that pornography. WASHINGTON, D.C., DEC.

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22, “Freedom of expression needs to be restricted.”This isn´t the latest declaration of an authoritarian government, but an appeal made by the head of the.

The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of is a United States bill designed with the stated intention of increasing enforcement of laws related to the prosecution of child pornography and child sexual exploitation offenses.

Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), sponsor of H.R. , stated that, "When investigators .

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