Prothesis underwear retailers

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Prothesis underwear retailers

By Marci RobinSenior Online Editor December 21, Now that almost 70 domestic airports feature full-body scanning machines, many travelers are anxious about giving security officers a revealing look at their bodies. This is especially true of women who prefer to keep their breast implants a secret.

Full-body scanners show numerous kinds of implanted medical devices, ranging from pacemakers to artificial joints, and breast implants are no exception. As this information has reached women with breast implants, some have expressed privacy concerns, especially among those who do not openly admit to having undergone augmentation surgery.

Although full-body scanners may seem like an opportunity for embarrassment, it's important to remember that the security officers at airports are professionals and aren't looking to humiliate you; they're looking for objects that could compromise safety.

Also keep in mind that you are not required tell anyone that you have breast implants. According to the official website of the TSA Transportation Security Administration"It is recommended but not required that you advise the Security Officer that you have an implanted pacemaker, other implanted medical device, or metal implant and where that implant is located.

Have you gone through advanced security with implants? Tell us about your concerns and experiences by leaving a comment below. · Shop the largest selection of Post-Mastectomy Swimwear at the web’s most popular swim shop.

Prothesis underwear retailers

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