Telecom reseller business plan

Quick Takes In recent news: CallidusCloud solutions will replace earlier manual commission management processes and also provide 8x8 with additional cloud-based solutions for territory and quota management, sales coaching, gamification and other sales and marketing activities. In other news, 8x8 has been awarded its th patent; this one relates to its global reach technology for the contact center to reduce audio latency when connecting calls across long distances and geographically-dispersed agents.

Telecom reseller business plan

A parsing error may occur because the data in the event record is corrupt or in the wrong format. Unguideable errors prevent Geneva from identifying the event source or account associated with the event.

An unguideable error may occur because the event source does not yet exist in the Billing System database.

telecom reseller business plan

Telecom reseller business plan errors prevent Billing System from calculating a cost for the event. An unrateable error may occur because of problems with a rate plan. All the rejected events are posted to a special account, which is called internal account or suspense account and these rejected events are called suspense events.

Finance department keeps track of all the rejected events and count them as a part of revenue loss.

telecom reseller business plan

IT department always gives alot of attention to resolve rejected events and rate them properly to save revenue. If a rejected event cannot be fixed and the Operator does not want to post it to an internal account, the event can be discarded.

Telecom Billing Quick Guide

When an event is discarded, it will not be submitted to the Rating Engine and no further attempts to rate it will take place. Real-Time Rating Real-time rating is the process of taking events as they occur and rating them immediately, with as little delay as possible between event generation and costing.

Real-time rating can be contrasted with file-based rating, where event details are stored in a file buffer for hours, days, or weeks before the whole file is finally rated. Real-time system process includes e-commerce transactions and data download. Rerating Events There are several situations in which it may be necessary to rerate events.

The events were loaded against the wrong account due to incorrect event source registration.

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An existing rate plan was replaced at some point between the last and the next billing dates. The rate plan, price plan, or event source for a product has been retrospectively changed.

Most of the billing system provides a utility to unload or unrate all the rated events. Fix the problem wherever it lies. Resubmit the events for rating by the Rating Engine. Thresholds and Actions The Rating Engine can automatically check to see if any rating time thresholds, including rating time discount thresholds, have been reached.

Rating time thresholds help in protecting operators from lots of revenue loss.

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If it is required to take rating time action, then it is important to have as much as real time rating as possible. Telecom Billing - Processes Billing is the aggregation of all non-recurring, periodic, and chargeable events on an account-by-account basis.

It is also the calculation of all outstanding charges and available discounts and bonuses. The output from billing process is a stream of tagged bill data that can be used to create a bill on paper, disk, or any other media. Billing Engine, which is part of the Billing System, creates invoices.

All types of charges initiation, installation, periodic, suspension, termination, etc. If there is any refund or any other charges applicable.Overview: This is a full business plan based on the launch of an illustrative Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) known as Contendus.

The plan covers all aspects of the company launch plan including market assessment, funding requirements, financial Price: € Each reseller uses unique pricing and billing structures, so it's best for resellers to design their own specialized reporting and invoicing structures that match their business needs.

An effective telecom fraud management process can be a critical element in determining whether a carrier is successful or not. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Telecom Reseller by Telecom Reseller for free. If you support or plan to support IoT StarLeaf Business comes to Microsoft Ignite with their two business units, cloud and meeting rooms.

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An effective telecom fraud management process can be a critical element in determining whether a carrier is successful or not. Tennessee Public Utility Commission List of Telecom Providers Reseller-IXC Business Discount Plan, Inc. No Reseller-IXC Business Telecom, LLC Yes Reseller-IXC CBTS Technology Solutions, LLC No Tennessee Public Utility Commission List of Telecom Providers. To learn more about how your business can be HIPAA compliant and secure new opportunities in the healthcare sphere, SkySwitch resellers can register for our upcoming webinar with Compliancy Group on December 18th,

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