The revelations from the book of peter

Dating[ edit ] The terminus post quem —the point after which we know the Apocalypse of Peter must have been written—is revealed by its use in Chapter 3 of 4 Esdraswhich was written about AD. Like the Clementine literature, the Apocalypse of Peter was written for a popular audience and had a wide readership.

The revelations from the book of peter

I refer to the last book of the Bible as The Book of Revelations because as the Spirit of God opened this book to me I saw that it was the revelation of Yeshua Mashiach Jesus Christ and in this one revelation of the Lamb of God you have a revelation of Him, His Father, His people, His kingdom, the throne room and many other things concerning Him.

If you want to understand this book you must see first and foremost that this book is a The revelations from the book of peter of Yeshua Mashiach Jesus Christ himself.

God gave it to Him to show His "bond-servants", the things which must shortly take place. You will see the things which must take place for the establishing of His kingdom.

Babylon must come to power and fall, and the kingdom of the Antichrist must come to power before He comes to set up His kingdom.

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I did not set out to study this book and come up with my own interpretation. The following is a brief outline of what I heard and saw. He showed me almost nothing concerning the Antichrist and his kingdom so I write little about those things.

Christians in America have become preoccupied with what will happen in other countries and with other peoples but have been blind to their own condition and the things that concern this country.

I only pray that your eyes will be opened as mine were. This is a vision of the Lord in regards to Himself, His authority and His relationship to his church. No longer in the flesh, no longer weak or crucified but in all of His power and glory. This is the vision which John saw of Yeshua Jesus in chapter 1 verses As we shall see, this will cover chapter 2: After these things is a phrase that John often uses in Revelations and other writings.

After these things, and forms of it, are used often in this book, by John.

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John uses this phrase " to seperate subject matter ". Whenever John is going to change from one subject to another, as he is about to change subjects, he would write " After these things ". Jesus is telling John to dowhat John has always done, and that is to use the phrase "After these things" whenever the book of Revelations is about to change from one subject to another.

So the phrase "After these things" or some form of it, after this, hereafter etc. If you want to understand this book you must see this. The second most important thing, that you MUST understand about this book is this, "Whenever you see an angel in the book of Revelations, you are about to receive a new message".

Angels are Gods messengers and it is so in this book. Whenever you see the phrase "and I saw another angel, another angel, or I saw a strong angel, etc.

The revelations from the book of peter

Remember though, that message will be directly involved in the subject that the book has you in. Therefore, whenever you see "after these things, after this, etc. These are the two things that you must see and understand as you go through the book of Revelations. Chapters two thru five. The heavenly Father and His Sons return Rev.

It is the Lord speaking to His people throughout the church age. It was seven messages to seven churches in Johns time, but first and foremost, we want to know what the Lord is saying to us, as individuals and as a group of believers in the age and times that we live.

As you see, each message, to each church, begins with the phrase "To the Angel of the church". Each starts with an angel, because each is a seperate message, to a seperate church.

Chapter 4 starts with "After these things", so we are now changing from the subject of the 7 messages to the 7 churches remember that "after these things" will be bringing you into a new subject.

Revelations chapter four is taking place while Yeshua Jesus was on earth, during His ministry and life in the flesh on earth.

Thats why the Father is alone on the throne. Chapter 4 is a wonderful look at the throne room of the Father as He is waiting for His Son, to return from earth, while paying the price for our sins. We shall clearly see this is so as we look into chapter 5. Most christians think that when John is taken to Heaven in chapter 4 that it shows the rapture of the church and that the church age is over.

Like I said we shall see in chapter 5 that the Father is waiting for the Lamb of God to return with the eternal sacrifice for our sins.

When you see this, it will clear up alot of confussion in the body of Christ in regards to many things.

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These 24 elders are rulers of Gods spiritual kingdom. They have white garments, representing that they rule in righteousness and golden crowns, representing, that their authority comes from God.Website.

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The revelations from the book of peter

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In Today's Catholic World (TCW) is a True Catholic news service dedicated to presenting important news stories with commentary, articles, and quotes from the Saints and Catholic Devotions to encourage The True Faithful, members of the Church in Eclipse. Summary Summary of the Book of Revelation.

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This summary of the book of Revelation provides information about the title, author(s), date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the Book of Revelation.

Answer: The Apocalypse of Peter, also known as the Revelation of Peter, is a piece of literature believed to have been written around the middle of the second century A.D. The Apocalypse of Peter should not be confused with the Gnostic Gospel of Peter, a completely different work.

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