Working for central city concern in portland

Primate city The dominant conurbation s of a country can benefit to a greater extent from the same things cities offer, making them magnets for not just the non-urban population, but also urban and suburban population from other cities. Dominant conurbations are quite often primate citiesbut do not have to be. For instance Greater Manila is rather a conurbation than a city: A conurbation's dominance can be measured by output, wealth, and especially population, each expressed as a percentage of an entire country.

Working for central city concern in portland

Despite feeling fine the day before, McNeese suddenly felt very ill, and made the wise choice to stop at the Portland city hospital to be examined. It was the first reported case of the epidemic strain of influenza to appear in Portland. The school, founded inhad only just moved to its new location at Northeast 12th and Hoyt less than a month before, and was now in the midst of a major public health crisis.

Both Portland Health Officer Dr. Parrish and the commanding officer of the school, Major Robert A. Roos, were notified of the cases.

Major Roos immediately placed the school under quarantine, revoking all passes and prohibiting cadets from either leaving campus of outsiders from entering. The four confirmed cases and six suspected cases were placed in isolation.

From the Vancouver Barracks, officials ordered Portland entertainment venues off-limits to all uniformed army personnel. Military police were dispatched to the city to notify all theater owners and managers of the new order and to round up any servicemen who were sitting in the audience.

Theater owners complied so well that a group of Marine Corps officers was denied entry a few days later when they attempted to see a show, despite the fact that the order applied only to soldiers and not Marines.

Local officials, both military and civilian, fully expected the epidemic to hit Portland, but hoped that these combined preventive measures would help keep cases of influenza in Portland to a minimum. On October 6, Health Officer Parrish met with theater owners and developed a campaign to have lanternslides on influenza prevention and treatment shown before movies.

Within a few days a small number suspected cases began to crop up around the city. Parrish personally visited each of them, only to declare that all had colds and not influenza. It matters little though, as state and local officials assumed influenza was well on its way and did not rest on their heels.

In Portland, Parrish urged school officials to ventilate the classrooms and to have teachers provide instruction on influenza prevention and treatment to their students. Grout went further, and ordered an end to all school assemblies, including gym class, and warned students not to congregate in groups.

Concerned that his city was on the verge of an epidemic, Parrish cancelled the trip he planned to take to Chicago to attend the annual conference of the American Public Health Association so that he could remain in Portland and monitor the situation.

The dozen or so new cases of influenza that had cropped up were all dismissed as old-fashioned grippe and not the epidemic form of the disease.

Influenza was not yet a reportable disease, however, and thus Parrish had no way of knowing just how widespread the epidemic might be in his city. He was not ideologically opposed to shutting businesses if necessary, but he did not relish the idea. On the afternoon of October 10, Mayor Baker met once again with local officials, as well as with state and federal health authorities.

This time Portland had no choice but to close places of public gathering, the result of a state Board of Health order handed down to all Oregon communities that same day. With the exception of a handful of communities, and mostly where local officials had expressly asked for federal assistance, the United States Public Health Service showed little interest in nationalizing local campaigns against the epidemic.

None of this mattered to Portland, however, as the order came directly from the state, which had the legal authority to force such measures. As a result of this, the libraries were closed later that day, although circulation services continued.

No one knew for sure, however, just how many residents were ill with influenza. Mayor Baker announced that the number stood at fifty. Parrish suggested that there were an additional fifty on top of that. The exact number mattered less than the trend, though, and within a day local physicians were busy answering calls from the ill and their loved ones.

Working for central city concern in portland

Thus far only two deaths had resulted from the epidemic: Parrish and his health officers still refused to believe that most of the suspected cases were true influenza, however, instead diagnosing the vast majority of them as severe colds.

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Working for central city concern in portland

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