Writing a good cv for retail jobs

During that time, I developed and sharpened my skills in all aspects associated with handling cash, checks, vouchers, and credit cards. I consistently exceeded all goals set for me, and was valued for my hard work, reliability, tenacity and ability to come up with solutions to complex problems. This was particularly well illustrated when I was tasked with supervising 4 new employees providing them with job training. As noted on my resume, I also worked at Cornell College as a Resident Assistant, where my duties included enforcing rules and regulations to ensure safety of over students.

Writing a good cv for retail jobs

This is because retail recruiters not only use job postings to attract candidates, they also actively search the growing number of online CV databasesand are even developing their own CV databases of potential recruits for future jobs.

You can't afford to get your CV wrong. It must be well-presented and highlight the skills and experience retailers are looking for. To make sure you have a great CV you need to consider the following.

Always check the job advertisement for any information about how the recruiter wants to receive your CV. This makes it easier to store the data and share it with colleagues. Your CV should be clear and concise and ideally no more than two sides of an A4. It needs to be easy to read on screen as well as when printed out.

So don't use lots of fancy fonts or colours to highlight odd bits of information — these are just distracting. You might, however, use a minimal amount of bold text to signpost different sections, but don't go overboard - it just looks tacky.

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Information to include Personal details — name, address and telephone numbers are enough. Keep this information at the top so it's easy to retrieve your CV. Nationality is also important in retail because employers want to be sure you're eligible to work for them.

You don't need to mention your age and you don't need to include a photo -- it's not a modelling assignment.

Education — if you're a first or second jobber then you should list your education before your work experience. It's worth listing academic qualifications from GCSE onwards and any professional qualifications you have. These could include any work-based qualifications such as National Vocational Qualifications — especially if they are in retail.

If you have grades be proud of, include them in the CV. Older, more experienced job hunters should keep this section brief and include it after employment history. If you graduated from university, it's always worth saying what, where and when you studied, as well as the qualification you got at the end of it.

Don't forget to include any other relevant professional or skills training you've had. Retailers are keen on staff development and although qualifications such as a customer care certificate you got in a previous job won't, on its own, get you an interviewit shows recruiters you take your personal development seriously.

Work experience — list this in reverse order with your current or most recent job first. Recruiters want to know where you worked and the job you did. Beyond a brief description of your responsibilities, they will want to know what you achieved to give them an idea of what you could do for them.

For example, perhaps you were involved in a store makeover that brought more customers through the door or resulted in increased takings. Make sure your CV emphasises your role in this.

Wherever possible, put a monetary value on it.

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If you can show you pretty much paid for yourself, you'll be more likely to grab the recruiter's interest. If you don't have retail experience, you need to consider what transferable skills you have acquired. For example, most jobs involve some aspect of customer care, even if your customers are your colleagues.

And there are few jobs that don't require some sort of teamwork. Don't underestimate the power of these skills in the world of retail, so be sure to highlight them.

Keywords — e-recruiters use keywords to search a raft of CVs for possible interviewees. These will be a set of words or short phrases that capture the skills and experience they need the job holder to possess. Retail keywords could include customer service, team work, flexibility and communication.A good resume helps the employer predict how well you might perform in your desired future job, and how well you may fit within the company's style and philosophy.

Learn more about retail careers. . Example of a good CV.

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April 23 , 19 Comments When it comes to writing a CV, it helps to have a solid example of a good CV to benchmark your own CV against.. So I've put together a selection of effective professional CVs that have been used to win job interviews for our customers in the past.

Resume Writing Tips; Create a winning retail resume In retail's fast-paced, competitive environment, it's important to get a prospective employer's attention right from the beginning of your resume. To create your summary, review job postings to get a good feel for what hiring managers find desirable.

Write a list of your matching. Before applying for a job in retail or customer service, it's a good idea to review relevant resume samples while writing or editing your own.

writing a good cv for retail jobs

This is a great way to get a better idea of how your resume should look and what information to include. Get expert CV tips and advice for writing the perfect resume from experts at Cpl. Top tips on writing a successful CV: get the basics right and stick to no more than two pages of A4.

Photograph: Max Oppenheim/Getty Images When it comes to applying for a new job, your CV could.

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